.eu domain Sunrise

The Sunrise Period and .eu domain preregistration.

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.eu domain Sunrise

We will define the Sunrise Period for Registrars, which is a four-month period consisting of two phases every two months, and represents the launch of the European domain registration.

The first phase will last two months (from December 7 to February 6, 2006) and only includes holders of prior rights such as:

  • both national and Community registered trademarks
  • geographical indications or designations of origin

will be eligible to apply for a .EU domain name

The second phase will last another two months (from February 7 to April 6, 2006) and will protect the holders of "minor" rights such as:

  • unregistered trademarks
  • company and family names
  • important literary and artistic titles

Community regulations allow the accredited Registrar to accept preregistration requests and then to submit them in the appropriate period based on whether they are requested on the basis of prior rights or not, in chronological order.

This means, in practice, that it is legitimate to accept multiple requests for identical domain names, whether these are executed on the basis of a registered trademark or not.

This is because, in the case of a registered trademark, if there is a queue, the evaluation of the application is neither entrusted to the Registrar, nor to the EurID Register, but to an external appraiser (and validator): PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

Assuming the coexistence of two identical domain names of a registered trademark: requests will be handled in chronological order and there must be a submission of a proof of ownership of the brand within 40 days.
If the documentation fails to arrive or is not appropriate, the same request will be made for the second on the list.

It is different from generic preregistration requests (not based on a prior right) since they will only be submitted when the Registry opens to the public or for the rejection of a request for whatever reason (not dependent on the Registrar).

So, the rules allow the provider to submit multiple identical requests, regardless of whether or not they are made by the same subject at the Registry.

In this sense, Dominiando has instead decided to carry out a verification before committing to a registration request.

In fact, Dominiando will only accept registrations that are not based on prior rights, but only a request for a domain name.

Your request will only be valid if paid within 24 hours of the order.

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